Sunday, August 9, 2009

Carnation Festival

Today is the beginning of the Carnation Festival. The week is filled with lots of family activities. We have decorated the library van and will be in the Kick-Off parade. Children are not permitted to march in the Grand Parade, so we have a half hour long parade just for them. The fire department, city officials, police department, baton twirling teams, bands and the children march from the downtown area to the High School parking lot. Looks like I won't get much stamping done today. Have a great day everyone.


  1. Wow ... what fun!! Althought it's going to be mighty HOT out there today!!! Be careful and have fun!!

  2. I was the lucky one. I drove the library van in the parade with the air conditioning on. Four kids decorated their bikes and rode them in the parade, a brother 7 sister drove a battery operated Barbie car and one mom pulled her little boy in a wagon (he was dressed as a cowboy). They all had a great time.