Monday, August 3, 2015

Painted Petals Note Cards

Wow! Is it really Monday already? I had a very busy day on Saturday. My friend, Judy, and I went to a local bookstore and picked up some nice wooden shelves that the manager was going to throw in the trash. I just happened to be shopping in the store about a month and a half ago, when he mentioned to me that he was changing some of the shelves and wanted to know if I wanted to old ones. He said if I didn't take them he would have to put them in the trash because he didn't have any place to store them. Boy, did I jump at the chance. Unfortunately, I only had room for one book case, but my Judy needed two of them. They are a little beat up, but a couple of screws and a few nails and they will be perfect. Each book case has 6 nice shelves and are 4 feet tall by 3 feet wide. I am going to use this case in place of one of my smaller cases.

Okay, enough of that story. Now on to my project for today. I am working on some blank note card sets for a craft show I signed up for on Saturday, September 12th. Each set will have 6 cards and envelopes and are packaged in a plastic card box.

I started with a base of white card stock then added a panel cut from Stampin' Up's beautiful "Painted Petals" designer paper. The flower petals were put together and adhered to the panel with glue dots. A green pearl was placed in the center of each flower. 

Blue has always been my favorite color, so when I found this gorgeous blue floral paper, I had to use it on my note cards. I love how these silk flowers match the designer paper perfectly. It is hard to tell from the picture, but the centers of the some of the flowers, are a green that match the leaves on the paper.

These were came together so quickly, I should be able to get quite a few done for the craft show. This is one of those projects I can work on while watching TV with my husband. 

Okay, I am off to work on more cards. Thanks for visiting and stop by again soon.





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