Monday, August 17, 2015

Taking A Short Break

Hello everyone! I will be taking this week off to start moving a couple of rooms around. Not actually moving rooms yet, but trying to pack up things I don't need right away so that my hubby and I can begin moving a few things around. I was hoping my husband could get a week's vacation between now and the end of September, but that didn't work out. He can't get any vacation until October and November. This will be a gradual moving around between bedroom and craft room. 

I am also preparing for two craft shows and a journal class that I will be teaching this fall. The sample journal is done and the class won't be until October. I think I will be okay as far as items for the September 12th craft show. Really need to get busy on items for the October 5th show.

I'll be back next Monday with more projects to share. 

Have a great week and as always "Happy Crafting".


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