Monday, October 5, 2015

Fairhope Craft Show

This past Saturday I had a craft show at the Fairhope Methodist Church in a nearby city. Once again it was a cold, rainy day. I am pleased with the outcome. I made back my space rental and about $30 profit. Most of my sales came from $1-$2.50 items.My biggest sellers were my Minion Pixie stix holders, Christmas gift card holders and emery board holders.
I only took items that sold well from my last craft show. I really need to get to work on more cards. 

Hoping to get together with my friend, Darlene, this week or a play date. She is a great motivator, and that is what I need right now.

I do most of my crafting from Friday-Sunday when I don't have my granddaughter. She is a very lively 3 year old and wants Grandma to play with her every minute that she is here. I love every minute I spend with her. She is the mirror image of my daughter in looks and personallity. Wouldn't miss the time with her for anything in the world.

Okay, time to get busy. Hope you have a great day of crafting.


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