Tuesday, October 20, 2015

I Want My Mummy

Friday evening I had the chance to help my friend, Judy, make these adorable mummy candy holders for one of her club meetings. Isn't it amazing what you can do with toilet paper rolls and crepe paper?

First we taped the end of the crepe paper to the back of a tp roll. Then crossed over the bottom of the roll, added the candy and continued to wrap the tp roll twice and taped the end. Next, we added two wiggly eyes. Last, using a glue dot to adhere the end of a piece of crepe paper (folded in half) we wrapped it around the tp roll slightly covering one eye and used another glue dot to adhere the end. Since Judy had candy left over, we made three of these cute little guys for my grandchildren. You can find the original post here. The originals were created as mini pinatas. We just decided not to use the string.

Hope you enjoyed my project for today. Thanks for stopping by.