Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fun-filled Day

I went to pick my younger daughter up to do some shopping for paint, flooring,ect. today. However, when I got to her apartment (a 30 minute drive) she was still in bed with a terrible cold. After about an hour visit, I returned home and talked my husband into an hour drive to Hollo's Papercraft in Brunswick, Ohio. He wasn't really in a mood to drive that far, but decided he would go along just to keep me company. He couldn't believe all the paper and paper supplies. He actually made a couple of purchases and admitted he was glad I talked him into getting out of the house for awhile. On our way home, we stopped for lunch at El Rincon (an authentic Mexican food restaurant). All in all a really good day.


  1. What a good guy your hubbie is to go craft shopping with you! You guys are so cute, Terri!

    I love your Halloween card! Really beautiful!

    Michelle :)

  2. WOW ... you're going to have TWO Fun-filled days in a row !! Now that's what I call making the best of your vacation time!!! Looking forward to our PLAY DATE tomorrow!! (I got EXTRA chocolate!!)