Tuesday, March 11, 2014

My Crafting Buddy

Since my hubby has been plagued with bad vertigo attacks the last couple of days, I didn't have a chance to post any new projects. So, I would like to share a picture of my crafting buddy. She follows me to my craft room with a toy and lays beside me while I am creating. Her name is Avalanche and she is a german shepherd/golden lab mix. Originally, she was my younger daughter and son-in-law's dog, but when they moved into a rental they had to give her up. Rather than let a stranger have her, my hubby and I agreed to take her. Of course, we already had two dogs, but giving her up would be like giving up one of my kids or grandchildren. We are at our limit, so the shelter is now closed. LOL!

My hubby was able to go back to work today, so I can get back to crafting. Before I go, just a remimder to stop by the Sisterhood for the latest challenge.

Have a great day everyone!


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